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User Reviews

  • Good performance, good design, no nonsense. Great work.

    – Alex, Canada
  • A great resource for getting text from any object. Works really well and the layout of the app is great.

    I love the fact I can import pics from my phone. Can't wait to use this around the office!

    – Adam, United States.
  • One of the most practical apps I've ever met. This is just awesome, and it is accurate.

    – Mark, Germany
  • Great app, well worth any price. And it supports the Polish language. A4 page is recognized without a problem, you just have to try to get good quality photos (light, etc.)

    – Tomasz, Poland
  • Very good and useful app!

    – Michael, Germany
  • Simple application, and the beauty is in the simplicity. I used many apps before to do a similar job but have switched to this app for handling all my meeting notes.

    – Grant, United States
  • Really good and useful!

    – Jusko, Hong Kong
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