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User Reviews

  • Very useful and complete: I don't think it could be done any better than this. The BWV is sorted and searchable in any possible way. Lots of useful links per item. Clearly the making of this app took a lot of dedication and time: well worth the money.

    – Simon, Belgium
  • I love Bach Catalogue because it is so detailed in everything you do. Like you can search catalogue by BWV number, title, group, instrumentation, key, comments and so on.

    – Mike, United States.
  • Definitly a must have if you like Bach!

    – Mark, Germany
  • It’s the best Bach catalogue I have ever used. I know just about every single catalogue app out on the app store and by far this is one of my favorites.

    – Pif, United Kingdom
  • Very good and useful app!

    – Michael, Germany
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